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Have you ever wonder who are those motley crew behind the fabulous brand – gagatree? We’ve just got an exclusive video footage of this creative bunch. Appearing in no particular order… Yang, Angie, Joe and Lester… so whoes the camera man? Ha… who cares.


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domo arigato…
Local design heads GaGaTree brings on the nostalgia with these retro RoboCards. Standing at 46cm tall and made from corrugated board they hold up to 14 CDs and a roll of toilet paper for that accidental spill. Can you say “more than meets the eye” ? These RoboCards should be available from August…we can hardly wait to get our mitts on them.”
from nest.

nest. is an independently produced and published monthly magazine by Pulp Publications. Their monthly published magazine provide heaps of info on good design, terrific home buys, and everything you need to live creatively.


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EnjoytheMusic.com recently wrote: “gagatree’s new RoboCard is perhaps the coolest new retro-futuristic accessory for music lovers to come to my e-mail inbox in a long time. Offered in either Giant Robot or Crazy Robot form, this cool intergalactic planetary bot holds 14 digital discs in the middle opening and a roll of toilet paper for dusting off your stereo gear or cleaning up spills. These limited-edition designer motifs hark back to my love of Remco’s Rudy the Robot as a child or perhaps the more recent Beastie Boys awesome music video. Standing at a ‘towering’ height of 46cm and measuring width of 22cm by 16cm in depth, RoboCard is made from corrugated board and would look great with many a high-end audio system. RoboCard is a great gift for children of all ages!


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Holds Music For Your Soul And Paper On A Roll
Sitting on your desk or in any room of your house, RoboCard offers a unique blend of form, function and fun. It holds up to 14 CDs and keeps a roll of toilet paper handy for any spill, leak, drip, drop or other emergency. Available in a variety of limited-edition designer motifs, RoboCard will make up for an unhappy childhood. Or if you had a happy one, just get it because it’s so cool. Standing at a Towering height of 46cm and measuring width of 22cm by 16cm. Made from corrugated board. From gagatree

Expected to hit the shelves in Early August.



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Expect something BIG

TOMORROW, for the official release!

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Behind every great master-piece, there’s a bunch of selflessly dedicated “lunatic” crew. To be continue …

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Ever wonder how our design folks craft out something spectacular and would be soon making headlines? Here are some behind the scene candid shots for the upcoming theme – “Music for the Soul and Paper on a Roll”. Watch this space, more to come.




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