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Kristen from Paper Crave recently added our Winter Garden POP-UP Cards in her blog. Thanks Kristen! Do check out her cool and very informative blog here.

“Pop up cards are one of those things that still elicits a childlike response within me. So, naturally, I was filled with wonder and delight when I saw these beautiful 3-D pop up cards from Singapore based design group Gagatree’s Winter Garden collection.
The pop ups are not only appealing in form, but they also feature colorful Asian-inspired graphic elements, such as bunnies, cats, and butterflies. In addition to making a wonderful greeting card (thankfully, each card comes with instructions for spatially challenged people such as myself), the pop ups would also be the perfect gift wrap embellishment, gift ornament, or decoration.”
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Here are some recent great reviews on our Winter Garden POP-UP Cards from some of the world’s coolest designer blogs.

Hostess with the Mostess
“Ummm….WOW! That’s pretty much the standard reaction that I get from anyone that sees these gorgeous “Winter Garden” pop-up cards from gagatree. Inspired by the Chinese “Magic Flower” paper toy, these not-so-typical greeting cards quickly convert into beautiful decorations that can be hung “anywhere you want to bring happiness and good fortune”. {If that really works I’m going to need like a thousand of these!!}” See here & Comments.

“pop-up greetings – I love these pop-up cards/ornament-in-one by Singapore’s Gagatree. Available in the US at Shop Modi.” See here.

Pop Wuping
“A unique way to say I love you. A greeting card that transforms itself into a beautiful ornament – try that with email!” More here.

Platinum Blond Life
“Paper Cut Adventures – I have what may be considered a bit of a paper obsession. I love stationery, I love mail, I love books, I love paper crafts, paper planes, I just love paper…so I was delighted to discover the whimsical cards inspired by the Chinese “Magic Flower” paper toy. These winter garden pop-up cards/ornaments are created by the Singapore based company, Gagatree: I simple adore the bright colors & the gorgeous printed designs! …”More

Why send flat? Blooming gift cards “Though much of our lives is focused on electronic communication, we still believe strongly in the value of paper sentiments. That said, these new Winter Garden cards at Shopmodi.com pack a whallop of meaning. Made by a small company in Singapore, gagatree and inspired by Chinese “magic flower” paper toys, the cards can also be used as a gift tags, ornaments, or pure decoration. As the site says “hang it anywhere you want to bring happiness and good fortune.” Each foldable card comes with an envelope, a ribbon, and an instruction card…” see here.


Also seen at these great blogs: MissWolly, Swiss Miss, MissDirection, Rag&Bone, Fonetik

And these sites: Notcot ; This Next & many StumbleUpon!

Upcoming: Paper Crave


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Since last week, our goods has reached the shore of Hong Kong and now currently on display and sales at city super’s Time Square store, City Harbour store and LOG-ON Kow Loon Tong.

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In May issue of Home & Décor magazine, our chief designer – Yang was featured under Now Trend. A brief interview with the designer on her background and inspiration was published.


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nest – A local free publication on creative urban living recently feature our Big Shot’s car sign and wall mounted clock. Describing us as the “local design mavericks…” Cheers nest!


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