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Err… where should I start? When we first conceptualized this item, we were all thinking about all things “oriental”.  The “Double Happiness”  (双喜) Mandarin Duck which is the auspicious flying creature in the chinese tradition which symbolizes a pair of love birds.   When yang shot up with a brilliant idea, “why not use the rubber ducky?”  We all agreed that this was fun and yang right away started to pencil the design on her scrap book.  Thus came the rubber ducky note pad, and then the cushion cover and then the button badge and then the book mark and then … I guess these series will continue to expand into the core products of GaGatree.   

For more about yang,   http://yangforever.wordpress.com/



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gagagirl.jpg  Today, consumers are going GaGa over creative gifts and other eye-catching items with a design-based theme. This increasingly sophisticated audience is eager to locate and purchase unique, beautifully designed merchandise that supports both good taste and individuality. That’s where GaGa Tree comes into the picture.  GaGa Tree is a company owned and operated by graphic designers. Our mission is to create and market products that are graphically inspired, brilliantly designed, incredibly fun and uniquely Asian. And since the world is increasingly fascinated by all things Asian, our creations are certain to be popular everywhere. At GaGa Tree, the items are familiar, but it is the design that sets them apart and makes them so irresistible to today’s consumers.  Please also visit our website for more information on our products:  www.gagatree.com 



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